Sunday, December 6, 2009


Greetings Salutations and a big happy HELLO! Welcome to the all new super fantastical bulging with wonderment and goodness site called THE GREAT CANADIAN MODEL BUILDERS WEB PAGE!!! (cue brass, recorders, hurdi gurdis and crumhorns). This site is dedicated to you the model builder. This is a site where you can post pictures of your models providing they are of a reasonable viewing quality and a maximum size of 640 px in width. You can also post a model kit review if you desire complete with text. If you are to email pictures for posting please make sure they are in a jpg format. Pictures and text that you email us is yours. By sending us your pictures and text you are allowing us to post on the site nothing more. Do you get paid? In a nut shell No. This site is merely for information fun and bragging rights. This site is not just limited to Canada no no, the whole wonderful wide world may contribute as well. To send pictures and text for posting you may do so at thank you and enjoy.

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