Tuesday, July 26, 2011

H.M.S. Surprise (Rigging Continues)

As expected Artesania Latina again has failed to provide enough raw cotton thread to complete the running rigging. I would estimate that I am 1/5 complete as regards the running rigging and I'm already out of raw cotton thread. So off I go to the local craft store to try and find some crochet thread that will hopefully match. They have however supplied a whole slew black cotton thread for the standing rigging and ratlines that I am already finished with. I have 4 roles left! Another error as regards the plans is Artesania Latina's complete failure to provide information as to what belaying pin goes to what running rigging. This is common information provided in every model ship kit I've seen... until now. Fortunately I have enough information on this from other ship plans that I shouldn't any real problem. I've also noticed a failure to indicate measurements as regards certain yard parts. What are they smoking down their?

Also I have decided to rig this model without sails as all the other Surprise models I have seen on the interweb are all rigged with sails. This will be a bit tricky as rigging a ship without sails (as they are seen in dock) is done differently and the plans for this model are drawn out for rigging with sails. The beauty about rigging a ship without sails is that the viewing of the ship's detail are more obvious and easier to see plus one sees the rigging more. Sails as beautiful as they are have a tendency of hiding detail. To each his own I suppose.

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