Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Granville P-45

Here are some images a 1/32 scale Granville P-45 B fighter. Built from Lindberg's 1/32 Gee Bee R racer.
This model was based in part off of the Mercenary Graphics drawing and is hypothetical in nature as to its appearance. At present no photographs have come forward as to what these aircraft looked like.
If anyone out there has any photos of these craft I would love to see them.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the Gee Bee Racer was pressed into service and became the Granville P-45 fighter where it served on the Aleutian Islands and the Panama Canal Zone in 1942, where it gained some success against the Mitsubishi A5M4 (Claude).


Diego said...

I know this model. I've never seen.

Warren Zoell said...

Yo tampoco hasta la semana pasada.