Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Christie American Steam Fire Engine

Here are some more images of MPC/AMT 1/12 scale Christie American steam fire engine.

From The instructions"
The Christie steam pumper was the backbone of America's fire fighting organizations prior to World War One. It was unique in that it was gas engine driven and it also employed front wheel drive. The unit served in most of the cities across the United States during the early 1900's.
The Christie was actually a modernization of the old turn of the century horse drawn steam pumpers. Walter Christie, a famed race car designer, and "Father of Front Wheel Drive Technology" designed a gas driven tractor to pull the old steam pumpers and thereby extend their useful lives. His tractor design worked so well that colorful old steam pumpers were used until well into the gasoline era.


Mark Hopkins said...

Fantastic work, knew we had a lot of talent here in Edmonton, just surprised I haven't seen your work at local shows etc.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Mark - LOL! The place of origin is always the last to know.
I have been to the occasional IPMS Edmonton meeting though I'm not a member. I generally don't show my stuff at model shows. If they want to see my stuff they can either come on over or visit this site.

Captain LOL said...

Great work and really nice model Sir .

Warren Zoell said...

Aye thank you Capn.

Mark Hopkins said...

I've been going to IPMS a little more lately if only to pick up a little inspiration, as a figure painter I find it a little tough to go on your own. Appears you have no problem and with amazing quantity and quality!

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Mark - If you'd like, you can send me some good pics of your work along with a description and I would be happy to post them on my site for you.
My email is

Anonymous said...

That's Our Steamer From Community Volunteer Fire Co #1 Wayne.

There are some things on there that are absolute Identifiers!

I have many miles driving the "Christie" in parades and have pumped it on occasion wonderful piece of machinery, Walter Christie was an engineering genius of his time.

Very nice model.

-Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Anonymous!
They are beautiful machines.