Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Type II Phaser

Here are some images of a 1/1 scale Type II Phaser from Star Trek the original series.

This is an old resin kit I bought back in the late 80's. I can't remember who the kit manufacturer is anymore though.
Nowadays there are far better examples of the type II phaser out there, but 26 years ago this was it unless you were willing to pay an exorbitant sum.
Recently I decided to paint it a rust color and put ISS Empire markings on it just to see what it would look like.
I replaced the old resin tip with an acrylic one. Yes there is a way to sand an shape acrylic and bring back its clarity.


Manchu said...

I like the gun with these colors but resin seems to be poor quality...

Warren Zoell said...

It is poor quality. It is a very old kit.