Monday, June 8, 2015

Post Apocalyptic Catamaran

Here are some images of my scratch 'n' bash 1/32 scale Post Apocalyptic Catamaran.
Are you sick and tired of dredging your way across the radioactive sludge only to discover that when you've reached the other side you have another appendage where one hadn't been before?
Well now there's a better way!!
The IFOR Sludgebegone Catamaran! Powered by a world war II Alison engine the IFOR Sludgebegone offers both power and functionality with the grace and style of tomorrow. Wot?
Now available in three exciting colours. Dark grey, coal grey, or a medium grey with a hint of black. Plus the IFOR Sludgebegone now comes with two 50 caliber machine guns for fighting off those pesky mutants who just can't take no for an answer.
But wait! There's more.
Buy one now for the low low price of $1,429,635 and 48 cents and you'll get the second one, yes the second one for the same price!! Your wife could use it for weekend shopping, picking up the kids at soccer practice or picking up that extra bag of Soylent Green. The uses are endless . With the IFOR (I'm feeling overtly radioactive) Sludgebegone you'll wonder how you've lived without it.
Offer not available in Quebec.

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