Monday, May 16, 2016

Dave Porter's Galmor ES-11D “Cat’s Eye”

Here are some images of Dave Porter's Tanmen 1/72 Galmor ES-11D “Cat’s Eye”, and here in Dave's own words is his description.

This is a 1/72 Galmor ES-11D “Cat’s Eye” recon/elint space plane from the TV series Macross. The kit is a from Tanmen, a builder and designer out of japan.  It’s made of resin and white metal and was very challenging to put together. I don’t think that there is any available any more.  A better bet is the Moscato/Neptune kit.  It’s far more detailed and they are available from time to time.

The scheme of the ship was totally influenced by Petar Belik, creator and proprietor of Studio Starforge (sadly; no longer in business). Studio Starforge  specialized in 1/72 scale figures and decals  for Macross and Star Wars themed models.  I used a couple of his pilots for my ship. Many thanks! I have included a couple of pictures of his “Cats Eye”.

Even though the project was long, it was fun.  As the story goes, the earth is in a fight with aliens where extinction could be  the result. Therefore; every pop star, movie icon, or model is firmly behind the war effort (not like today).  As a result, their portraits get painted on some of UN craft.

I finished the model with Tamiya acrylics and artist oils. I used a variety of aftermarket decals.  There is plenty of Macross specific  and rivet detail decals  available.

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