Friday, September 9, 2016

Nieuport Ni 17B "Binky"

Here are some images on Hobby Craft's 1/32 scale Nieuport Ni 17.

From IPMS Stockholm -

The Nieuport 17B designation was only used by the British RNAS for the ten of these aircraft that it obtained. These aircraft were basically the same as the Type 17, but fitted with a Le Rhone 80-hp engine to make them lighter and thereby increase their range. The RNAS received all ten of its aircraft (Serial Nos 3956 - 3958 and 8745 - 8751) by August 1916 before the French official designation of Type 21 for them was introduced, so they remained known as Type 17B to the British throughout their service.
The aircraft is in the standard French camouflage scheme of dull green and brown, with the engine cowling, struts, and tail skid mounting in their natural metal or wood colours. The roundels are of the normal British type on the wings, and the serial number is painted in white on the rear fuselage. Note that the wheel covers are painted white.
No. 3956 served with the RNAS from August 1916 until May 1917, during which time it operated with four different squadrons. The name BINKY was painted on it in white whilst it was with 3 Squadron.


Motorsport Modeller said...

Stunning build, as usual. I really love looking at the old Bi-Planes, there is something about the technology and design for that time that is just flawless.

-Warren Zoell said...

It's that wood and fabric tech that I like.

Motorsport Modeller said...

Good points actually, would you ever go up in one?

-Warren Zoell said...

In a heartbeat.