Friday, April 30, 2010

Bligh's Bounty

Here are some better images of Artesania Latina's 1/48 scale H.M.S. Bounty. This model took me almost 600 hours to construct and let me tell you after finishing a model such as this one does not wish to look at another model let alone a model ship for quite some time after that. Some models because they are so time consuming can beat the hell out of you but I loved every minute of it. It is interesting to note but as far as ship commanders went Lt. William Bligh was actually one of the better ones regardless as to how Hollywood has made him out to be. He was generally good to his men and he had an extreme reluctance to physically punishing his men when it was warranted instead preferring a verbal assault something Bligh was extremely adept at and at times got him into trouble. Now Captain George Vancouver there was a sadistic S.O.B sometimes flogging his men so hard they sometimes died. Why they named a city after him I'll never know, not exactly the nicest of chaps. Perhaps not enough research was done on him before naming the city, but I digress. If you want to see the movie I think has the closest representation and accuracy as to what really happened with The Bounty I'd suggest checking out The Bounty (1984) starring Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson but remember although a good movie take it with a grain of sea salt. Yarr shiver me timbers kiss the black spot!


Pat Tillett said...

the detail in these models is amazing!

Warren Zoell said...

Thank you Pat.