Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here are some images of AMTs 1/35 scale Snowspeeder from Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back. From Wikipedia "A snowspeeder is a Rebel Alliance vehicle featured in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and several books, comics, and video games in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Snowspeeder models and replicas have been merchandised by several companies.

During production of The Empire Strikes Back, designer Joe Johnston conceived a ship that combined the body of an X-wing and the cockpit of the Y-wing. However, this design was scrapped for the T-47, which featured no elements from previous craft. Johnston's designs for the Snowspeeders have influenced later Star Wars designers, such as Tommy Lee Edwards.

The models were built in three different scales by Steve Gawley, Charlie Bailey, and Mike Fulmer of ILM, with the smallest (20 inches) used for motion control photography, and the largest (2½ feet) for hero and pyrotechnic shots. All models included motor-controlled flaps to imply maneuverability, and the largest version also possessed motor-articulated crew. Several full-scale props were built in London for the hangar, cockpit, and speeder crash scenes.


Anonymous said...

I like the paint chipping effect on this model. It looks just like the movie versions. The snowspeeder scenes are among the best in TESB in my opinion. I'm looking forward to getting a Fine Molds 1/48 kit.


Warren Zoell said...

Fine molds make the best Star Wars kits but they're expensive. They have a Millennium Falcon fine molds here for $90. But they sure are beautiful.