Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here are some images of my kit bash model of a 1/48 scale TIE M1 Experimental. The models I used to build this were parts from two AMT/ERTL TIE fighters, one AMT/ERTL TIE interceptor, one Tamiya Tiger 1 tank, one Revell Explorer rocket and one Burraggo display base. From Wookieepedia, wookieep... "

The TIE Experimental M1, also known as the TIE Bizarro, was an experimental member of the TIE series and a part of the TIE Experimental Project.

One of the starfighters built by an Imperial research project led by Director Lenzer under the command of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the M1 consisted of a single standard TIE/ln starfighter wing panel with two wing braces connected to a pair of standard TIE series cockpit pods. The port pod held the control systems, and the starboard pod held a turbolaser much heavier than the laser cannons equipped on any previous TIE.

Both pods had the trademark twin ion engines of the TIE series, and the fighter was actually slightly faster than the standard TIE/ln. The fighter was equipped with a hyperdrive, which was slaved to remote systems in a controller ship.

Rebel forces first encountered the M1 when they responded to a distress signal from a civilian convoy near the Belat system. A pair of A-wings escorting a staff transfer from Defiance to Liberty picked up the distress call during a course change between hyperspace jumps and responded to the attack. They found a squadron of TIE Experimental M1 fighters attacking a Cloburi Freight convoy, while a Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport stood by. The A-wings defeated the TIE M1s with minimal Rebel or civilian losses.

Later, when the Alliance ordered an intelligence-gathering strike on a TIE Experimental production facility, several waves of M1 fighters were found in the station's defense screen. They were also present at the main research facility, defending the hangar ship Sardis and space station Obsidian.

After the destruction of space platform Obsidian, no TIE Experimental fighters were seen again.


Pat Tillett said...

that is such an amazing and cool looking model. I don't know how you would even think about combining these things...

Warren Zoell said...

If you're to google the TIE M1 you will see that the configuration is the same (otherwise it wouldn't be the TIE M1), but all of them vary slightly especially with the cannon pod. I think mines the far.

Anonymous said...

Neat! I have never seen this before. I can't get enough of the Star Wars stuff.


Warren Zoell said...

Out of all the TIE experimentals M1 thru 5, M1 is the only one with a different design look (looks like a flying dumb bell). The others look like they just have attachments though the M5 aint bad.

Andrea said...

O my word, is this from one of the movies or just something you invented yourself? How cool - you should've helped on the creativity end of the movie props, etc.

Warren Zoell said...

It was never in any movies but it is part of the Star Wars lexicon. Though I did kit bash this model (I had to sacrifice 3 models to build it plus parts from my spares box)the credit to it's basic design would have to go to the creators of the Star Wars X Wing alliance video game.Though pretty crappy in appearance it did provide me with a basic blueprint for the construction of the model.