Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Mayflower Re Post

Here are some better images of Constructo's 1/65 scale 1620 Mayflower. Though really this model is based off the 1957 Mayflower II. The original whose remains are believed to be part of a barn somewhere in Buckinghamshire England no longer exists. The original Mayflowers appearance is though an educated guess basically speculative. The thing about a wooden ship kit and a scratch built wooden ship is that they both build up the same, the only difference of course is that in a kit the wood has been cut for you though there is still a hellavalot of cutting and shaping to be done. The woods used for this ship are Bokapy, Ramin, Mukaly and of coarse Plywood and Samba for the framework. A question often asked is why not use Oak when building ship models just like on the real ships? The problem with that is Oak does not lend itself well to flexibility when working with small parts particularly when working with hull planking as it has a tendency to break even after being soaked in water for several hours. Besides it wouldn't look that good anyway as the woodgrain in Oak does not look all that well when working in miniature as the grain is to big.


Diego said...

Warren Lovely work, I love to make boats of this type, but it is impossible. I need more space.


Warren Zoell said...

Gracias Diago - Me encantaría construir más barcos de madera, pero también lo son los costos prohibitivos.

Hanny said...

Fantastic! I love ship from this period!

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Hanny - They're a lot of fun but difficult to build.