Monday, February 14, 2011


Here are some images of my kitbash 1/1400 scale U.S.S. Montague.
In case you are wondering, yep you guessed it, I named this model starship after my cat.

With the exception for the two phaser banks on the top saucer section this model is kitbashed from AMT's Enterprise D model kit.
The life boat decals were taken from an Enterprise E decal sheet. The rest of the decals were made myself.


Anonymous said...

The Aztec pattern on this model is very subtle. It really helps the scale effect presentation. There's a special knack needed to pull it off. Montague appears to be a charming feline. Is he the cat from outer space?


Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Dave - He is actually an African Jungle Cat (felis chaus) hybrid and will do any other cat out of a treat.

William said...

I was just thinking that if I named a Starfleet ship after my cat, it would go something like "USS Hey Stop Eating The Cheese Out Of My Sandwich", which would be hard to fit on the saucer section, I think.

Warren Zoell said...

LOL! - A