Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bussard Ramjet

Here are some images of my scratch built concept engine/ship of the Bussard Ramjet.

From Wikipedia"

The Bussard ramjet is a theoretical method of spacecraft propulsion proposed in 1960 by the physicist Robert W. Bussard, popularized by Larry Niven in his Known Space series of books, and referred to by Carl Sagan in the television series and book Cosmos.

Bussard proposed a ramjet variant of a fusion rocket capable of reasonable interstellar spaceflight, using enormous electromagnetic fields (ranging from kilometers to many thousands of kilometers in diameter) as a ram scoop to collect and compress hydrogen from the interstellar medium. High speeds force the reactive mass into a progressively constricted magnetic field, compressing it until thermonuclear fusion occurs. The magnetic field then directs the energy as rocket exhaust opposite to the intended direction of travel, thereby accelerating the vessel.

A major problem with using rocket propulsion to reach the velocities required for interstellar flight is the enormous amounts of fuel required. Since that fuel must itself be accelerated, this results in an approximately exponential increase in mass as a function of velocity change at non-relativistic speeds, asymptotically tending to infinity as it approaches the speed of light. In principle, the Bussard ramjet avoids this problem by not carrying fuel with it. An ideal ramjet design could in principle accelerate indefinitely until its mechanism failed. Ignoring drag, a ship driven by such an engine could theoretically accelerate arbitrarily close to the speed of light, and would be a very effective interstellar spacecraft. In practice, since the force of drag produced by collecting the interstellar medium increases approximately as its speed squared at non-relativistic speeds and asymptotically tends to infinity as it approaches the speed of light (taking all measurements from the ship's perspective), any such ramjet would have a limiting speed where the drag equals thrust. To produce positive thrust, the fusion reactor must be capable of producing fusion while still giving the incident ions a net rearward acceleration (relative to the ship).


Manchu said...

COOL design, definitely '60s, I like !
The Bussard Ramjet is an incredible concept...It should be fun to realise one with the gigantic collector :)

Warren Zoell said...

Merci Manchu - Plus tard, je vais être la construction l'artisanat ainsi que Daedalus

Anonymous said...

Please build the Lying Bastard, or any General Products ship.

Pat Tillett said...

Awesome design and build Warren! It sure is a lot more complicated than the Nazi ramjets of the 40's.
This kind of stuff makes me wish I was still a kid so I had enough years left to see things like this actually built and operating.

Warren Zoell said...

To build the Lying Bastard would take a skill worthy of Larry.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Pat - I hear ya.