Friday, January 27, 2012

F-4E Phantom

Here are some images of Dave Porter's F-4E Phantom and here in his own words is his description.

This a 1/48 scale F-4E Phantom from Esci. I built the kit straight from the box and I used Aeromaster paint and decals. It has nice recessed panel lines and it fit together very well. The F-4E was a logical development of the F-4C and F-4D as the Air Force’s front line fighter. The “tree” and the gun were important additions that made the F-4 come into it’s own. No Viet Nam era Navy Phantoms were equipped with a gun.


Pat Tillett said...

Love it! I've been lucky enough (I can say that today) to see plenty of these bad boys, "danger close."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat!

Danger close??? Wow! Please elaborate.