Tuesday, April 3, 2012

M1070 Truck Tractor

Here are some images of Hobby Boss's 1/35 scale Oshkosh M1070 Truck Tractor.

From Wikipedia"

M1070 tractor
Length: 30 feet 2 inches (9.19 m)
Width: 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m)
Height: 12 feet 1 inch (3.68 m)
Weight: 41,000 pounds (19,000 kg)
Speed: 40-45 mph
Fuel: 150 Gallons in the driver-side tank, 100 Gallons in the passenger-side tank
Range: 300 miles
Crew: 2+4
Payload: 140,000 pounds (64,000 kg)
Engine: 500 horsepower Detroit Diesel 8V92 N/A
Transmission: Allison CLT-755 5-speed automatic with TC-496 torque converter
Fording: 28 in


Diego said...

How nice,

I have not, should be part of the kit Abrams, shall we?

Warren Zoell said...

Gracias Diego - Hay más por venir.

Pablo J. Álvarez said...

well done. It´s a good kit.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Pablo - It is a good kit.

Manchu said...

Nice machine. Even there, the weathering is cool, specially the way the track of mud have been realised :)

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Mancu - I will be posting the completed kit sometime today.

Anonymous said...

What paint/color did you use on this fine looking model

Warren Zoell said...

It was an American desert yellow with a slight touch of white if I recall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Warren. Can you remember what model paint brand ? Unfortunately there isn't a FS33446 model paint available.

Warren Zoell said...

I think they were Tamiya Acrylics
I mixed the colours to match the image on the box.
However if you are looking for FS33446 Testors makes that colour.

Hombre said...

What color did you use for dry brushing/weathering.

Warren Zoell said...

Earth colour and black

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you tell me colors you used for the cab interior and seat cushions. The colors depicted in the instructions appear to be wrong. I use mr. Color aqueous mostly if there is a match. Thank you