Monday, April 9, 2012

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4

Here are some images of Monogram's/ Pro Modeler (Hasegawa molds) Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4.

Oh look! it's a Bf 109... Gee... you don't see those around too often ;)

From Wikipedia"
The G series, or "Gustav", was introduced in mid-1942. Its initial variants (G-1 through G-4) differed only in minor details from the Bf 109F, most notably in the more powerful 1475 PS (1,455 HP) DB 605 engine. Odd numbered variants were built as high-altitude fighters with a pressurized cockpit and GM-1 boost, while even numbered variants were non-pressurized, air superiority fighters and fighter-bombers. Long-range photo-reconnaissance variants also existed. The later G series (G-5 through G-14) was produced in a multitude of variants, with uprated armament and provision for a number of kits of pre-packaged parts known as Umrüst-Bausätze (usually contracted to Umbau and adding a "/U" suffix to the aircraft designation when installed. Field kits known as Rüstsätze were also available for the G-series but those did not change the aircraft designation.) By early 1944 tactical requirements resulted in the addition of MW-50 water injection boost and high-performance superchargers, boosting engine output to 1,800–2,000 PS (1,775-1,973 HP). From early 1944 a number of G-2s, G-3s, G-4s and G-6s were converted to two seat trainers, known as the G-12.


Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Very nice scheme. Well done.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Pablo - It's a tropical desert scheme.

kriz said...

Warren.... I would like for to invite you to take a look at my new web site designed to showcase and archive all kinds of modeling subjects.

Link at my blog.

Ps..I would also like your permission to showcase a few of yor kits(my favs) in the admins appreciation photo album.


Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Kriz - Showcase away my friend and I will definitely take a look at your new design.