Monday, March 23, 2015

7TP Siedmiotonowy Polski

Here are some images of ? 1/35 scale 7-TP Light Tank. From Wikipedia "The 7TP (siedmiotonowy polski - 7-ton Polish) was the Polish light tank of the second world war. A development of the British Vickers 6 ton, it was significantly better armed than its most common opponents, the German Panzer one and two A standard tank of the Polish Army during the Polish defensive war of 1939, its production never exceeded 140 vehicles. Its chassis was used as the base for C7Partillery tractor".  

I got this kit in amongst a bunch of other kits I purchased a while back and I had no idea as to what type of tank it was. It took me two days of research on the internet to find out what it was. My first thought was well it looks pre war and it was a light tank so I started there and wouldn't you know it it seems all pre war tanks kind of look alike so I had to slog through several photographs until I found the right one. As for the kit manufacturer I couldn't tell you (if anyone knows I'd like to hear it) as there was no box and instructions so I had to basically wing it when building it.

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