Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Here are some images of Master Box's 1/35 scale Panzer 1 Ausf Ambulance. Huge and already irreplaceable losses of vehicles, suffered by the Wehrmacht during the first year of Operation Barbarossa forced the German high command to use vehicles that were not quite suitable in solving their transportation problems. Thus the use of disarmed light Pz I Ausf Panzer vehicles were used as ambulances. This can be used as an example of the necessity to filling the requirement of given transport deficiencies.


Entre Nous said...

Yikes, WHO is doing the people, the faces are simply PERFECT, even capturing the expressions of battle weary, having seen too much life in too little time soldiers.

I found an older retired couple down south somewhere a few years back, that do the models to match photos and was going to have them do my dad mom and sister, to match them at the ages my father was on the STONEHORSE, but I lost the e-mail when my computer crashed and cannot remember the names or even what state they were from. I'm doing a stationary lighthouse for them to live in .

Also, as long as I am picking your brain, providing you aren't sick of me yet, I have looked in every catalog my adult son has gotten over the years for a perfect tugboat model (the large style used to push carriers out of harbor, can't find one that is 'perfect' but most of the son's catalogs specialize in planes since he builds the gas powered ones that fly, any suggestions if you have a sec?

Thank you in advance, and I am just astounded at the models, fantastic!


e-mail me at spatch0494 at yahoo dot com !

Warren Zoell said...

Thank you Entre Nous it's much appreciated.I think its the dust I left on his pant leg that helps set it off. Anyway a great place to start looking for model tugboat kits is a site called Model Boat Mayhem But be warned these are wooden models and as such more expensive then their plastic counterparts and also require more time and effort. If it's plastic model tugs you're looking for the only company I can think of that made a few plastic models is Lindberg Models . I hope this helps.

Pablo J. Álvarez said...

There are many variants of this little tank...this one is new for me. The figures are better than the others you have show. Really is different, and I like.
I wait for the next.

Warren Zoell said...

Master Box and Dragon figures are usually the best. Far better than the Tamiya figures in my opinion.

Pat Tillett said...

Not a great ride for a wounded soldier...but I'm sure they were glad to some medical aid.

Warren Zoell said...

Pat- One takes what one can get I suppose.