Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twin Mustang

Here are some images plus a composite of Modelcraft's 1/48 scale F-82 E Twin Mustang. From Wikipedia "The North American F-82 Twin Mustang was the last American piston-engine fighter ordered into production by the United States Air Force. Based on theP-51 Mustang, the F-82 was originally designed as a long-range escort fighter in World War II, however the war ended well before the first production units were operational, so its postwar role changed to that of night-fighting. Radar-equipped F-82s were used extensively by the Air Defense Command as replacements for the P-61 Black Widow night fighter. During the Korean War, Japanese-based F-82s were among the first USAF aircraft to operate over Korea. The first three North Korean aircraft destroyed by U.S. forces were shot down by F-82s, the first being a North-Korean Yak-11 downed over Gimpo by the USAF 68th Fighter Squadron".


Pat Tillett said...

I had no idea they actually saw time in combat...

Warren Zoell said...

What I find surprising is that they were produced for over 7 years.