Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Black Widow

Here are some images of Monogram's 1/48 scale Northrop P 61 Black Widow (cue Alice Cooper song!) (actually I used to raise spiders). Anyway back to the aircraft. From Wikipedia "The Northrop P 61 Black Widow was the first operational U.S. military aircraft designed specifically to use radar. The "Black Widow" was an all-metal, twin-engine,twin boom, aircraft flown as a night fighter by United States Army Air force squadrons in the European theater, the Pacific theater, the CBI theater, and the Mediterranean theater during WWII. It replaced earlier British-designed night-fighter aircraft that had been updated to incorporate radar when it became available. On the night of 14 August 1945, a P-61B-2 of the 548th NFS named "Lady in the Dark" was unofficially credited with the last Allied air victory before VJ day.


Arkonbey said...

Oooo, nice. OOB, too! No shots of the cockpit interior for us? Monogram had some nicely detailed interiors back in the day ( for not a lot of money). I think the P-61 was the best of them.

I've got one sitting on my shelf that was built early in my return to modeling. I may revisit it.

Lone Star Models is releasing an F-15 Reporter firebomber conversion kit. That would be a pretty cool bird. +$30 cool? I'm not sure, yet ;)

Warren Zoell said...

I did take pictures of the interior but the photos were not up to standard so I did not use them. I still have them though.

Andrea said...

Raising spiders?! Glad you are modeling now! These are all so awesome - my son is in awe checking out every entry.

Warren Zoell said...

Andrea- I'm glad to hear your Son has taken an interest in model building. I feel more kids should be taking up this art form, it can teach them everything from design to history to dexterity and attention to detail. Plus they're cool.