Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Expo 2010.

Here are some images of the Regina Model Expo 2010. A big thanks to Dave Porter for the Photo's and Information. First up we have the best weathering and best AFV awards are for a 1/35 Tamiya JS-II built by Cam Barker. Next we have the SR-71 display which was built by a group of modeling friends that call themselves “The Nurdwerks”. The subject was inspired by a photo of several of the aircraft just before their retirement. The kits are from Italeri and Monogram in 1/72 scale. After that we have Jeff Goff’s Canadian 25pdr gun, crew and transporter won the “Best Diorama” award. The kit is from Tamiya and is in 1/35 scale. Next we have the 1/72 scale robot “Hannibal’ from the Patlabor anime series. The model was built by Ted MacPherson. After that we have the “Best Jet” award which was given to Ryan Cunningham for his 1/48 scale Trumpeter Mig-17 in North Vietnam markings. There was an aftermarket cockpit added to the model. Finally a couple of pictures of the crowd.


Pat Tillett said...

great models!
Did you enter any of yours?

Warren Zoell said...

No I live in Edmonton.