Thursday, January 6, 2011


Here are some images of Dave Porter's Hughs 500 D and her in his own words is his description.This is a Hughes 500D from the Magnum P.I. show. I quite like the 500 and I have always thought of it as the sports car of helicopters. The kit is in 1/48 scale from Hasegawa. The mold has changed hands a few times. I think the kit is now being produced by Minicraft. Not a whole lot of detail in the model but it is very accurate for what you are given and it fits great. I finished the kit in Testors enamels. The challenge I had was to properly mix the dark shade in the chopper. I used violet, dark brown, and gloss black.


Hanny said...

Wow. I never expected to see a model of the Magnum PI chopper. Thanks for constantly surprising me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hanny.....I can almost hear that Mike Post theme right now.


Pat Tillett said...

i was going to say that this looked very familiar!