Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here are some images of Dave Porter's Rain-X Camaro and here in his own words is his description.
This is the 1993 Trans-Am series championship winning Rain-X Camaro That was driven by Scott Sharp. The kit is in 1/25 scale and it’s produced by Revell. I used Testors enamels for the colors and I clear coated the body with five modest coats of clear lacquer. After the finish cured I wet sanded and polished it with Turtle wax.

Although nothing like the race version, the street Z28 Camaro won the “pony car” wars for a straight nine years when it arrived on the scene in 1993. Although Ford sold more Mustang GT’s during that time, the Chevy was consistently the faster car out of the box. My Dad had bought a 1995 Z28 and he beat up on my Mustang GT badly. Since that time I am on my second mid-nineties Z28 and my third Mustang GT. The Mustang is a much vaunted 2006 model but the old Z28 can still hang in there.


Diego said...

It is a branch of the model that I have not touched. One of these days ..... the truth is I feel like seeing your demo.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Diego.

For myself I feel that car modeling is less forgiving than any other type of building because it's so easy to botch up the finish.


kriz said...

I have this loveley kit as well, I
hope I can model mine as suberly as you have done.
awesome work bro.

Anonymous said...

Kriz....Thank you.