Monday, April 25, 2011

Star Wars Composites

Here are some images of composites featuring craft from the Star Wars universe.
Though the TIE M1 Bizzarro is part of the Star Wars lexicon and has been mentioned and seen in video games the Jedi TIE Fighter is from my own imagination.

First up we have my 1/48 scale kitbash of my TIE M1 Experimental (Bizzarro) flying past Saturn's moon Mimas. I have often wondered if Mimas was the inspiration for the Death Star. This is why I used it in this image. Pictures of the model can be viewed here.

Next we have my 1/32 scale(?) kitbash of a Jedi TIE Fighter cruising towards the planet Mars.
When I built this model I had no idea what type of story line one could use for this craft. However Ludo over at Studio Cyberlab came up with a pretty good one. "After years of galactic warfare all the raw materials to construct the ships and weapons are exhausted. the only materials left are the war relics that are floating through space. A new era had began, who will scavenge the best left overs and construct the best weapons to win the battle..." Works for me! Pictures of the model can be viewed here.

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