Thursday, May 22, 2014

F 104 Cockpit II

Here are some more images of Italeris (ERTL/ESCI molds) 1/12 scale Lockheed F 104 Cockpit. This is the other cockpit from the series and is every bit as detailed and nice as the F 16 cockpit.

From Wikipedia'
Early Starfighters used a downward-firing ejection seat (the Stanley C-1), out of concern over the ability of an upward-firing seat to clear the "T-tail" empennage. This presented obvious problems in low-altitude escapes, and some 21 USAF pilots failed to escape their stricken aircraft in low-level emergencies because of it. The downward-firing seat was soon replaced by the Lockheed C-2 upward-firing seat, which was capable of clearing the tail, although it still had a minimum speed limitation of 104 mph (170 km/h). Many export Starfighters were later retro-fitted with Martin-Baker Mk.7 zero-zero ejection seats, which had the ability to successfully eject the pilot from the aircraft even at zero altitude and zero airspeed.


Motorsport Modeller said...

I think i like this one better....maybe it's just the red helmet??? lol
These are very cool items.

Warren Zoell said...

Really? Most people like the F 16 one better. I'm still wishing for a 1/12 scale B 52 cockpit.

Manchu said...

I like this one equally, because of the plane :)
A 1/12 Space Shuttle cockpit could be nice !!!

Warren Zoell said...

A space shuttle cockpit would be nice as well.
I wish they made a whole series of these.