Monday, May 26, 2014

Geschützwagen BP 42 II

Here are some more images of Trumpeter's 1/35 scale Geschützwagen BP 42 Armored Rail Car.

From Nasa Technika"
Germany used armored trains on all fronts to protect the supply and transport trains from destructive action of guerrilla groups in the neck of German army. Sets labeled BP42 began to appear during 1942. In 1944 came a modernized version labeled BP44.
BP42/BP44 set was composed symmetrically. In the middle of the armored locomotive type Baureihe 57 or 93rd For a locomotive to be placed Geschutzwagen, Infanteriewagen, Kommandowagen, Kanonen und Flakwagen, and Panzerträgerwagen Abstosswagen. In 1944 was added Panzerjäger.
Commander car BP42/44 Kommandowagen type ATG-4 is at first sight differed dimensional location of the radio antenna on the roof of the wagon. This car was restored succeeded so far from the outside, is currently under repair and restoration of the interior.


Hanny said...

Odd. I'd think they'd stack it with more firepower if they had a whole railcar. Balance problems?

Great re-creation!

Warren Zoell said...

I'm not sure. They could have more than one on a line.