Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catalan Ship

Here are some images of IMAI's 1/50 scale Catalan Ship. This model is actually a 1/1 scale model of a model whose original now lies in the Prins Hendrik Maritime Museum in Rotterdam. These models often built by mariners were usually given to church's as offerings either for pious reasons or to bring the sailor luck. This model kit is a representation of one those models still in existence. Plus this model is one of the earliest known representations of a European merchant sailing vessel of the 15th century.

Thanks to my friend Diego (Check out his most excellent web page when you get the chance) he has been able to locate photographs of the original Catalan ship model from a web site called "Maresme Medieval". The article however is in Catalan so you may have to use Google Translate if you wish to read it.


Diego said...

This is my land. COCA is a, a type of sailboat used in Catalonia between the XIII and XV. I see you also know how to work wood. Great work
Here is a sample of the COCA Mataró (a Catalan city)

Warren Zoell said...

Wow, gracias Diego! Voy a publicar esto como una actualización en este post de inmediato!