Monday, March 21, 2011

Romulan D7

Here are some images of Polar Light's 1/1000 scale Romulan D7 Battlecruiser.
From Wikipedia"
In the original series, at least three starships of the Klingon D-7 class were used by the Romulans. (This came to pass when a fire at NBC's studio warehouse destroyed the only existing Romulan ship model (the 2260s Bird of Prey), necessitating re-use of the surviving Klingon props.) Novels (as well as fans) have speculated that these vessels were given to the Romulans during a brief alliance with the Klingon Empire against the Federation (in exchange for which, the Romulans provided the Klingons with cloaking technology), though this is non-canon and has never been confirmed onscreen. The Romulans refitted the D-7s in their service with cloaking devices and the Federation occasionally referred to Romulan controlled vessels of this class as "battlecruisers."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Capt. Kirk!



Warren Zoell said...

Capn Kirk died in the Generations movie. Now all we're left with is a fat old William Shatner ;O}
Happy Birthday Bill!!

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On Bill's birthday too.......way to go!


Warren Zoell said...

LOL! Channeling the spirit that is Capn Kirk.

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Awesome, I would love to see the romulan ship of the latest movie of star trek.