Saturday, October 15, 2011

Area S4 UFO

Here are some images of Testors 1/48 scale Area S4 UFO. From the Instruction sheet" The Testor Corporation seeks to neither confirm nor deny the existence of UFOs. While study of the subject is of interest, verification of claims requires overwhelming physical proof. As of this date such proof does not exist in Testor files. Designer John Andrews has devoted much of his life to the investigation of UFOs. This instruction manual is based on his research. What follows is the story in his words. BACKGROUND: UFO sightings were common during World War II. Called Foo Fighters, balls of light joined groups of airplanes, flew with them, then broke off and disappeared. They were harmless but could not be explained. After the war objects continued to be seen in the skies throughout the world. Discs were likened to pieces of pottery - dinner plates and cup saucers. The term Flying Saucer was soon in common use. Then a new identifier, Unidentified Flying Objects - UFOs - emerged. Objects were caught on film and videotape as well as being seen on radar. Governments created study groups and issued reports. The reports often attempted to explain away the objects as natural phenomena while adding the phrase, "...UFOs appear to not be a threat to our national security..." Many sightings were never explained. Efforts were made to laugh sightings away and to make people who reported UFOs appear as buffoons. A few were. The tactic did not work with many intelligent and experienced individuals who stood firm in telling what they saw. In July of 1947 a UFO allegedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. It was said small bodies were recovered along with parts of the damaged craft. On July 8th the United States Army Air Corps announced it had recovered a flying saucer. The next day Air Corps Headquarters hastily retracted their own story. Individuals involved with the incident ,have maintained it did happen and over the years additional people have come forward, some on their death bed, to tell of their involvement and to acknowledge the truth of the initial story. The case is now, in 1994, under investigation by the U.S. General Accounting Office. Unlike the United States government, the Belgian Air Force, coming to grips with a wave of sightings in 1990, did admit to UFOs over their territory. Belgian F-16 pilots had visual and radar contact with the UFOs but when they attempted to close on the craft the UFOs sped off. Unidentified Flying Objects appeared, at least to one government, very real. 50 years of UFO reports have been looked at - sometimes with awe; many times with laughter. Military pilots and airline pilots; radar technicians and scientists; and leaders of great nations have seen UFOs and have shown interest in the subject. A few nations have admitted to spending large sums of money investi- gating the topic. Technologies on Earth have rapidly evolved. We have sent craft from Earth to the outer limit of our own solar system. And now we can see well beyond that limit. Is there intelligent life out there? Perhaps the answer was given us in 1947 with the above cited Roswell crash. We should be asking another question: Have there been other. crashes? If you talk with physicist Bob Lazar the answer appears to be a loud, Yes!! Lazar worked in the nuclear lab at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Later he worked on a flying craft he claims was not made on this planet. He worked on it at a place known to some as S 4. S 4 is separated from the Area 51 flight test facility at Groom Lake, Nevada, by the Papoose Range of mountains. The site is said to be built into the western slopes of the mountains, east of and adjacent to Papoose Dry Lake. It is very remote. Congressmen attempting to visit the area are told they can't go because the area is radioactive. So indeed they are told... Lazar said 9 UFOs were housed at S 4 and he worked on one of them in the time period of 1988-89. He saw it operate. He saw metal in one section of the craft turn a clear blue colour and strange writing scrolled on its interior surface. He saw the ship rise and hover over the desert floor. It was silent with only a slight wobble in flight. He saw posters on lab walls that humorously said, "They're here!" The craft Lazar claimed he worked on - he called it the Sport Model - is modelled here. Done in 1/48th scale it has a 13 inch diameter while the actual craft is 52 feet in diameter. Lazar said power comes from an anti-matter nuclear reactor in near perfect thermodynamic balance. The propulsion force is gravity, created, amplified, and vector directed aboard the craft. He added -that time, as we know it, is altered and, when at full power, light is distorted around the vehicle. Bob Lazar cooperated fully with this researcher. He provided me with his W-2 tax statement. Using the Freedom of Information Act, I contacted the Internal Revenue Service, Naval Investigative Service Command and a prominent nuclear physicist Lazar said assisted in his getting the research position at S 4. Correspondence, back and forth, took well over.a year, then stopped but without answers to my questions regarding Lazar's work. I finally asked all 3 groups to tell me if Bob Lazar was a liar. Not one person in a position to truly know ever suggested Bob Lazar was not telling the truth. The mail stopped coming and I was stonewalled in my quest. for the truth. It is possible this kit is the world's first authentic plastic scale model of a flying craft designed and built on a planet of a star system outside our own Solar system. Enjoy your kit and watch the skies. We live in interesting times...... John Andrews

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