Monday, October 3, 2011

ME 262 Mistel Re Post

Here are some images of Dragon models 1/48 scale Messerschmitt ME 262 Mistel. From Wiki "The Mistel (German: Mistletoe), also known as Beethoven-Gerät (Beethoven Device) and Vati und Sohn (Daddy and Son), was a Luftwaffe composite aircraft type of bomber, appearing late in World War II.

The scheme originally involved replacing the entire nose-located crew compartment of a war-weary bomber airframe (usually a Junkers Ju 88 variant) with a specially-designed solid nose filled with a large load of explosive, and guiding it to its target by a fighter aircraft mounted above it on a set of struts. After releasing the bomber, the fighter would return to base. The first such composite aircraft flew in July 1943 and was promising enough to begin a programme by Luftwaffe test unit KG 200, code-named "Beethoven"". Quite honestly I have no idea why Dragon would make an ME 262 Mistel kit when the Germans hadn't even conceptualized it on paper. Still looks kinda neat.


Anonymous said...

Neat coloring on that. A 262 Mistel would have been a waste of a perfectly good jet.


Warren Zoell said...