Saturday, May 22, 2010

TBM Avenger

Here are some images of Trumpeters 1/32 scale Grumman TBM-3 Avenger torpedo bomber plus a composite image of a 1/48 scale TBM-1 Avenger from Academy. TBM is the designation given to Avengers Built by General Motors (now government motors) (and yes Canada helped bail them out as well) as opposed to TBF which were manufactured by Grumman. The Avenger first entered the war in 1942 during the battle of Midway. This particular aircraft was flown by none other than George H.W. "read my lips, no new taxes" Bush. Having close to over 500 pieces this kit is quite something to behold. The detail is amazing and all parts went together without any trouble. A word of warning, the call out colours in the instructions are in error in a few places, which seems to be a common occurrence with Trumpeter kits. If I had followed the colour instructions I would have ended up with a red engine and rust coloured instrument panels. That's why I say when dealing with Trumpeter always double and triple check the instructions and sometimes the decals. Otherwise it just "wouldn't be prudent".

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