Monday, May 10, 2010

Grumman B2 Spirit

Here are some images plus a composite of Testors 1/72 scale Northrop B2 Spirit. This bomber is an almost unbelievably advanced and expensive aircraft. The aircrafts design is optimized to reduce airframe radar reflectivity and as well designed to curtail any heat emissions from the electronics and engines. This strategic bomber can carry heavy loads of conventional or nuclear ordnance and can operate in an electronic silent mode relying on satellite and internal navigation systems, in other words this aircraft kicks ass. As for the model my only complaint is other than the raised panel lines is I wish they would have made the top and bottom main plane sections into one piece each as opposed to three pieces each, it would have cut down on a lot of filling and sanding to get rid of the seem lines. I would love to see this model released in 1/48 scale.

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Pat Tillett said...

very realistic...
I used to love models when I was young. I'm just too fidgity now!