Monday, May 10, 2010


Here are some images of Monograms 1/48 scale Rockwell (now Boeing) B1-B Lancer. This supersonic penetration bomber was derived from the Mach 2 B1-A and first flew in 1974 and was cancelled by the Carter administration in 1977. Todays B1-B has modified electronics, strengthened airframe and landing gear, Flies at a lower altitude but has lower performance compared to its predecessor. The first production B1-Bs had unfortunate problems with their fuel and electronic countermeasures. I seen one of these beasts perform maneuvers at an air show once and I must say WOW! My ears rang for a week after that. This model is huge, easily the biggest 1/48 scale static model available and it has good detail as well, so if you are planning to buy this kit make some room. It costs somewhere between $60 and $80 Cdn nowadays so it is a good buy.

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