Saturday, May 15, 2010

F 104 Cockpit

Here are some images of Italeris (ERTL/ESCI molds) 1/12 scale Lockheed F 104 Cockpit. This is the other cockpit from the series and is every bit as detailed and nice as the F 16 cockpit.


viagra said...

Excellent post, I just adore those little figures, and it's be nice if you can add more series about it, specially if you've got the same models. 23jj

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Viagra - I'm afraid the only cockpits released in this scale were this one and the F 16. I wish they would make more kits of different examples. Little figures?

Duane Cowan said...

Hi, I really enjoyed looking at the pics of your F-16 cockpit. I have the same kit but I got it second hand and it did not have the instructions. You wouldn't have happened to keep your instructions? If so, would you be willing to scan them and email them to me? I really want to build this kit but I don't want to miss anything during the build. Thanks