Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Moon Bus

Here are some images plus kit images of Moebius Models 1/55 scale Moon Bus from the movie 2001 a space odyssey. The Moon Bus was a small low altitude rocket powered vehicle meant to ferry passengers and cargo across the surface of the Moon. Seen in the movie transporting Dr. Heywood Floyd and fellow scientists to see the deliberately buried 4 million year old TMA 1 “the Monolith”.

The Moebius Moon Bus model kit is the re-release of the old 1969 Aurora kit with some retooling improvements. The kit itself went together without any real trouble although there were some problems. If you are going to purchase this model you may wish to keep these things in mind. Or not it’s your choice.

1. Before installing the floor remember to install the left and right inner wall parts first or you will be forced to do what I did and that’s cut the bottom tabs and then shoe horn them in. “That’s why always test fit before attaching repeat”.

2. Though it doesn’t really make it clear there is an option of windshields to install. The first is the original incorrect Aurora kit option or the corrected windshields matching the movie just make sure that if you are installing the corrected windshields to remove the tiny corner resting tabs meant for the Aurora windshields.

3. In my research into the interior of the Moon Bus I believe that the seats are not brown as the instructions indicate but the same interior grey colour with the back of the seats and the arm rests being black in colour, it’s up to you. Plus wooden crates on a Moon Bus? If you like I suppose.

4. Personally I found the figures to be so lacking in detail particularly facial details that I decided not to use them. I am hoping to come across some decent 1/48 scale figures that I can cannibalize so I can install them one day.

5. Though I put them on myself I cannot find any movie images of the Moon Bus with the USAA decals on them. Still I think they look good so I put them on. Plus the top parts of the landing gear are supposed to be white. I made them weathered steel out of personal choice to match the rest of the landing gear. That’s just the kinda guy I am.

The paints I used were Tamiya acrylics, Testors enamels and Tamiya weathering master. Being a huge 2001 a space odyssey fan I am so pleased this kit was re-released at around an affordable $60 Cdn as opposed having to shell out $600/$1000 for the original Aurora kit Something I am not willing to do. Over all it’s a great looking kit when finished and well worth the effort. The release of this kit has led me to wonder if Moebius Models just might have the old Aurora Orion III space clipper molds from the same movie. That kit has an interior as well. I can almost here Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna playing now.


Pat Tillett said...

great story! I had no idea...

Anonymous said...

great job !

A acurate interior for the kit can be fount here

Anonymous said...

great job

An acurate interior for the kit can be found here

Anonymous said...

great job

A acurate interior for the kit can be fount here

Warren Zoell said...

Anonymous- Thanks for the info there is also a photo-etch set for the Moon Bus as well.