Sunday, May 23, 2010

NE 17

Here are some images of Hobbycraft's 1/32 scale Nieuport NE 17. This is the aircraft Billy bishop flew during the World War One. Billy Bishop was Canada's leading fighter ace with over 72 victories to his credit. Some would say he was Britain's leading fighter ace as well though there is some conjecture on that point. The one thing about Hobbycraft of old (and thankfully it has been rectified) is they used to have the WORST decals in model kit history. The models were fine but Yeeeech those decals. Colours were way off, Really bad registration problems, Decals were sometimes transparent when they weren't suppose to be and they would sometimes fall apart in water or they would crack on the model a few weeks later. It was almost comedic. What I did was discard them and make up for them in my spares. The kits themselves were nice though.