Saturday, June 19, 2010

Colonial Viper

Here are some images of Revell's 1/32 scale Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. This is the original kit not the revised one just released. Battlestar Galactica in my opinion was well.... well it sucked, and the new series is even worse. Bad acting, bad stories, bad music and bad editing. The new series has such a stink of political correctness as to make one want to vomit. You know a show is bad when one finds oneself rooting for the bad guys. But the ships are cool. The Colonial Viper is one fantastic piece of work as well as the rest of the ships from this series. It's a shame that a ship like this has to be associated with such a bad TV series.


Pat Tillett said...

Again, the details and paint are awesome looking

Warren Zoell said...


Dr. Revollo said...

I disagree whit your opinion about the series.... But only this, the vipers are awsome