Saturday, June 12, 2010


Here are some images of Dragon models 1/48 scale Messerschmitt ME 262 Mistel. From Wiki "The Mistel (German: Mistletoe), also known as Beethoven-Gerät (Beethoven Device) and Vati und Sohn (Daddy and Son), was a Luftwaffe composite aircraft type of bomber, appearing late in World War II.

The scheme originally involved replacing the entire nose-located crew compartment of a war-weary bomber airframe (usually a Junkers Ju 88 variant) with a specially-designed solid nose filled with a large load of explosive, and guiding it to its target by a fighter aircraft mounted above it on a set of struts. After releasing the bomber, the fighter would return to base. The first such composite aircraft flew in July 1943 and was promising enough to begin a programme by Luftwaffe test unit KG 200, code-named "Beethoven"". Quite honestly I have no idea why Dragon would make an ME 262 Mistel kit when the Germans hadn't even conceptualized it on paper. Still looks kinda neat.

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