Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Work of Jay Moffat Pt 3

Here are some more images of Jay Moffat's model figure work and in his own words are his descriptions "Enjoy".
The first has been dubbed "alien with newspaper". The figure is scratchbuilt from Sculpey to no particular scale. In the movies, all these guys seem to run around strange planets with nothing on, which didn't make much sense - so I put mine in an old-school 50s silver EVA suit. The newspaper is a photocopy of actual pages from the tabloid Weekly World News (slightly modified for effect and weathering). In case it can't be read, the signpost says "Roswell's Farm, RR 2, Area 51, comp 8" and the title plaque on the base reads "Hey, I was on Neptune that week!"

And from the ridiculous to the sublime - a biker chick using a modified 90mm Phoenix Follies figure. The hair, leather jacket, jeans and boots are all added with Milliput. The t-shirt, club colours and tattoos were all painted free-hand, (this was back in the days when my hand was steadier and my eyesight better.)

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