Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Triumph Tiger 80/3HW

Here are some images of Aurora/ESCI's 1/9 scale Triumph Tiger 80/3HW. From Wikipedia. "The Triumph Tiger 80 was a British motorcycle first made by Triumph from 1937. There was also a 250cc Tiger 70 and a 500cc Tiger 90.[1] Production of the Tiger ended with the outbreak of WW2 and never resumed after the Triumph works at Priory Street in Coventry were completely destroyed". "When World War 2 broke out in 1939, the Tiger was developed into the military Triumph 3HW model.[6] The Triumph works was destroyed by German bombers on the night of the 14th November 1940 - along with much of the city of Coventry bringing production of the Tiger 80 to an end. When Triumph recovered and began production again at Meriden,only the Tiger 100 survived in the new production line".

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Pat Tillett said...

The detail is great as the photos are posted. When I enlarged them, the detail is amazing!