Thursday, June 10, 2010

HE 100

Here are some images of Dave Porters Heinkel HE 100 D and here in his own words is his description.

This is the HiPM HE-100 in 1/48. The He-100 was an aircraft that held a lot of potential and was probably not developed as a front line fighter for political and personal strife between the manufacturers and RLM rather than any performance shortcomings it may have had. Certainly the wide track landing gear and high top speed would have been a benefit to Luftwaffe pilots.

This was a demanding kit to build because of fit problems. The landing gear is too long and must but shortened to make it look proper. On the plus side, the kit is nicely detailed and comes with photo etched parts. The decals include all the markings for every HE-100 built, including the propaganda versions (which was really what they all were). I chose to create a fictional HE-100 unit by using a combination of Aeromaster ME-109E decals and kit decals plus a paint scheme typical of many 109’s early in the war. The aircraft was finished in Gunze colors.

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Warren Zoell said...

I would like to ad that on March 30th 1938 Hans Dieterie broke a world speed record of 463.92mph flying a clipped winged version of this aircraft.