Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unter Sea Boot Re Post

Here are some images of Revells 1/72 scale Typ VII C/41 U Boat. Unlike the Typ VII C which was a coastal submarine the Typ VII C/41 was an ocean going submarine with a larger tower and a metal deck as opposed to a wooden one. The model is of the same quality as the earlier released VII C model, in fact the hulls are exactly the same but this model has more equipment.

From Wikipedia"
Type VIIC/41 was a slightly modified version of the VIIC and had the same armament and engines. The difference was a stronger pressure hull giving them a deeper test depth and lighter machinery to compensate for the added steel in the hull, making them slightly lighter than the VIIC. A total of 91 were built; all of them from U-1271 onwards lacked the fittings to handle mines.

Today one Type VIIC/41 still exists: U-995 is on display at Laboe (north of Kiel), the only surviving Type VII in the world.

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