Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cylon Basestar Composite

Here is a composite image Revell's Cylon Basestar from the 70's TV series Battlestar Galactica parked over the Saturn moon Rhea.
This is the original 70's kit.

From Wikipedia"

The Basestar is the Cylon counterpart of the Colonial Battlestar. The Basestar has also been called a Baseship and a Cylon Battlestar in one episode but "Basestar" conforms to the Colonial ship naming system.

The Cylon Basestar is a superior warship to a Colonial Battlestar in a technological respect as it carries stronger weapons in greater quantity and carries a greater fighter complement as well. (Basestars can hold up to 300 Cylon Raiders.) Because of this, the Galactica and her crew prefer to avoid combat with them as much as possible. They are propelled by a reactionless drive that appears to make the ship spin slowly on its axis while engaged.

Basestars are considerably larger than Battlestars.


A basestar's shape is that of two saucers joined to each other at their axis. The saucers are externally identical and some of the functions that they house are redundant of each other. Each saucer contains a hangar deck at its center, accessible from several large hatches distributed across the top of the cone. Unlike a battlestar, a basestar's hangar is closed with a hatch when not in use. All decks are connected by the Core, which allows access to any deck via a ladder. The Control Center or bridge is at the bottom of the core; the Control Center suite also includes the ship's sensor control computers.

In the episode "The Hand of God", the Basestar is revealed to have two of these weapons on the upper saucer. Pulsars are a beam weapon more powerful than the average laser turret and intended to engage other capital ships. They are capable of destroying a Battlestar-sized craft in only a few hits. Battlestars usually attempt to approach Basestars from the lower saucer to avoid these weapons.
Laser Turrets
Like a Battlestar, Basestars have laser turrets that resemble the weapons of their fighters but on a larger scale. The laser turrets on Basestars are located at the tips of the "spokes" on both saucers and are considerably more powerful than the Colonial design.
Missile Turrets
These turrets were seen in the episode "The Living Legend, Part 2" and they are on the inner surfaces of both saucers. They are meant for close range defense, since a Battlestar's point defense weapons could easily shoot them down at a longer range.