Sunday, July 24, 2011

H.M.S. Surprise (Bowsprit Installed)

Now that the Bowsprit is installed and the Bows Watercloset is complete, continuation of the stay rigging can carry on.

It is often thought that rigging is the most difficult part of model ship building however I never found this to be so. It just appears that way when the rigging is completed.
I've always found that the most difficult part about model ship building to be the planking of the Hull.


Modellours Workshop said...

It's really starting to look like something now the masts in in place. Still a long way to go?

Warren Zoell said...

Oh yes. Standing rigging, gun port doors, yards, sails,anchors,flags, etc, etc, etc.

Diego said...

It is an admirable job. Warren Good

Warren Zoell said...

Gracias Diego. ¿Te construir este barco con las velas o las velas no?

Hanny said...

All that rigging it going to take a looong time, isn't it? The tiny little knots would be difficult for me. I still want to build something like this someday.

Thanks for the progress reports, I really like seeing it come together. Are you listening to a lot of good music when you work on this?

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks Hanny - Actually I've been listening a lot to audio recordings of Patrick O'Brian's books.