Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dragon Wagon Re Post

Here are some images plus a composite of Tamiya's 1/35 scale M 26 Armored Tank Recovery Vehicle " Dragon Wagon" The M 26 first saw action in Italy in 1943 and was later used for the allies following the invasion of Normandy. After the war many M 26 tractors were left behind in Europe, some of which were used by the French military. This is one of the better Tamiya armored vehicle kits. My only complaint is that you cannot buy the flatbed separately which goes with this vehicle. So if like me you have only bought the M 26 you're screwed unless you wish to buy the M 26 again with the flatbed. Why do model companies do that? It's infuriating. Never mind I know why.


Modellours Workshop said...

What a beast of a truck. Great work.

Warren Zoell said...

Thanks MW