Sunday, July 21, 2013

Supermarine Spitfire F/Mk. 22

Here are some more images of Revells 1/32 scale Supermarine Spitfire MK 22 former Matchbox molds. If you buy this kit you will find that a lot of parts could have been easily made into a single part which can be annoying at times. Still it's the only 1/32 scale MK 22/24 on the market.

From Wikipedia"

The Mk 22 was identical to the Mk 21 in all respects except for the cut-back rear fuselage, with the tear-drop canopy, and a more powerful 24 volt electrical system in place of the 12 volt system of all earlier Spitfires. Most of the Mk 22s were built with enlarged tail surfaces, similar to those of the Supermarine Spiteful. A total of 287 Mk 22s were built: 260 at Castle Bromwich and 27 by Supermarine at South Marston.
The Mk 22 was used by only one regular RAF unit, 73 Squadron based on Malta. However 12 squadrons of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force used the variant and continued to do so until March 1951. The Mk 22 was also used at Flying refresher schools. In May 1955 the remaining F.22s were declared obsolete for all RAF purposes and many were sold back to Vickers-Armstrongs for refurbishment and were then sold to the Southern Rhodesian, Egyptian and Syrian Air Forces.

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