Sunday, June 15, 2014

Roy Brown's Sopwith Camel

Here are some more images  of Accurate Miniatures 1/32 scale Sopwith Camel. This is the aircraft that was flown by Edmonton's own World War One ace Capt Arthur Roy Brown the man officially credited with shooting down Manfred Von Richthofen aka the Red Baron, though recent studies suggest that the Red Baron may have actually been killed by Australian ground fire. What makes Capt Brown amazing is that he never lost a single pilot under his command. The reason for this was his training methods. One of his methods was that he would have new pilots position themselves high above a dog fight to study and observe maneuvers and tactics until he felt that they were ready to participate. In 2000/2001 when the city of Edmonton were compiling their top 100 Edmontonians of the 20th century Capt Arthur Roy Brown wasn't even mentioned. I guess fighting for King and country and keeping your pilots safe doesn't really cut it with today's progressive elite, but I digress. If you wish to know more on Capt Arthur Roy Brown you may do so here .

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