Sunday, December 6, 2020

11 Years

I know,I know. Not much in the way of model building has happened this year. That's because I became too burnt out from it and needed to get away from it for awhile. But not to worry my friends. I will eventually get back into it. In fact I will be working on Airfix's 1/24 scale Grumman Hellcat kit soon. I finally found some decent paints for it. Funny, one would think that navy gloss blue would be an easy colour to find at one's local hobby shop, but alas no. At least not around here. During my hiatus I've decided to get back into playing and writing music again. Something I gave up back in the early nineties because of my growing distaste for the music industry. But I digress. Hope to see you soon. PS: This new Blogger format is terrible beyond words. Hey Google!! If it works don't fix it!!!


Diego said...

Hi Warren,
I'm glad you're well.
It seems that blogs no longer matter to anyone. Although I plan to continue because it seems to me the best format. My partner asked me to open an instagram to promote the blog and it turns out that I have 1500 followers. Despite that, Instagram is too visual. People don't want to read and they want to see everything on the phone screen.
A good bright navy blue is the Tamiya X-4 or the TS-15 (aerosol).
A hug.

FalkeEins said...

Hey Warren,

..good to see you back. I recently posted one of my builds on Facebook and got a bunch of likes, but there are too many groups and zillions of people. Blogging is above all for me, its my record of what I do, how do you keep track posting everywhere on social media..the 'new' blogger is indeed a pain to get used to and I see no advantages over the old blogger all, cheers

-Warren Zoell said...

¡Gracias Diego! Tengo varias botellas de XF 17 sea blue. No solo es un color plano, sino que lo he encontrado un poco demasiado oscuro para mi gusto. X4 es un poco azul. Encontré un par de botellas de Glossy Sea Blue de Vallejo que es perfecto.

-Warren Zoell said...

Thanks FalkeEins! I basically use my site to document my work as well. It just bothers me that I have to deal with Google and their fuck with everything.
I used to get around 1500 hits a day and growing. Then suddenly one day Google decided to introduce some sort of algorithm, and literally over night I went from 1500 hits a day down to 400. I was however able to fight my way back up to around 1200 to 1500 hits a day. It took a year and a half,but I did it. Then Google hit me with another of their algorithms, and boom, I was back down to around 400 hits a day again. I haven't been able to recover since. It takes the spirit out of everything.
Now with this new change over I can't see where my hits are coming. I never receive email updates, despite hitting the followup comments button... Several times. So forgive my tardiness in responding. I suppose it really doesn't matter regarding the links. Before they went to the new system the only I pretty much were from pinterest. Which is another beef I have.