Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deep Submergence Pick-Up

Here are some images of Monograms 1/32 scale Deep Submergence Pick-Up from SeaQuest DSV.
The Conostoga Wagon of the new marine frontier is the Deep Submergence Pick-Up, used for utility work in mining, construction, and as a general runabout. Like the present day pick-up truck the DSP has a large cargo bed, used to haul anything that will fit inside it.

I have to say that out of all the ships on DSV this one is the most legit looking.


William said...

I agree, it actually looks like some kind of working deep-sea vessel, while the others, while cool, just don't seem realistic.

I need one of these for the swimming pool - it's too cold to go in after the rocks that always seem to end up in there.

Warren Zoell said...

A little remote control one. Make a game of it. Any idea as to how they wind up in there?

William said...

That's a good question. I usually accuse the dog of putting the rocks in the pool, but why would she want to? I know "dog logic" can be pretty peculiar, but it doesn't make sense, even from a dog point of view.

Maybe they actually grow in there. Maybe that's where rocks come from.

Warren Zoell said...

So you think maybe your pool water might have a serious calcium problem ;o}